Well you must be pretty amazing! Somehow here you are … one the One South Wales page while it’s in the making. This is such an exciting time for us and we’re very glad to share it with you!

Whether you’ve been specially invited by the One South Wales team or you’ve simply stumbled upon us, your presence here is something really special … it has purpose … it brings collective opportunity. If you’d like to play a part in the build of this community hub, here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Read about us to get a better idea of what we hope to achieve here, with you.
  • Get our blog pages off the ground by sharing your thoughts, tips, local news or whatever you feel like putting out there.
  • If you’re looking for advice about anything or would like to start a discussion, use our forum. Don’t worry that there aren’t many people using it yet, your post will be shared on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll happily join in ourselves.
  • Add a photo to our gallery.
  • Let us know if there’s something you think should be included on here. This site is community led and we value your input!
  • If you think a local shop, small business, charity or cause would benefit from using our free blog pages please tell them about us.
  • Let your friends know about us, as a non-profit organisation you’d be really helping us get out there. 

Thank you,

Louisa Mills, Editor

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Local Good News

Keep up with local, positive news through South Wales, from Cardiff to Swansea. True to our relentless positive approach to everything, there is only news to feel good about in here. With regular updates on community achievements, success stories, worthwhile causes, charity initiatives, new fun places to go and things to do.
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Feel Good Music

This is a page of our free music playlists. We're working on building up different genres - all with positive core messages. We are even taking song requests and recommendations; you can find a form on this page to upload yours.
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These blog pages bring together ideas & experiences from a diverse mix of people from across our communities of South Wales. Teachers, therapists, charities and unions are just some examples of our authors ... but you never know, you might just find a blog from your next door neighbour! As with all of this website, the core issues are community, homelife and personal growth.
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Video Blogs

Our community of South Wales connecting on camera. This is the quick, easy way to keep up to date with community projects and causes. Includes an easy to use form for uploading any videos you might like to share.
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This forum is a great way for our community to connect online as we share ideas, thoughts and experiences on the road to personal growth and self sufficient communities. If you're new to forums, don't worry - there's a Q&A guide to help get you started and the ONE team are happy to help out.
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This gallery is a legacy of the land and the people of South Wales. This community collection is something to be proud of and includes some of the most breathtaking sights from Cardiff to Swansea.
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From a far more relatable perspective than sites like yell.com, we bring you our directories of South Wales:
  • Shops, Restaurants & Other Amenities
  • Charities & Social Enterprises
  • Support Groups
  • Drop In Centres
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Whats On?

Keep informed about whats on in South Wales. This is a guide to all sorts of events specially selected for their positive social value and sense of community spirit.
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Local Offers & Freebies

Here to save you money, these pages are full of vouchers for special offers and freebies. Quick and easy to use - no fuss, no content, just vouchers.

"You must learn to save first and spend afterwards." - 
John Poole

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We're proud to big up our local businesses and shops through our website. The adverts you see have all been carefully selected and nothing goes on these pages that we don't think will help the community in some special way. You won't find any big corporations advertising here, just the good home grown stuff.